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Skan Races.com, Inc.
Mission Statement: SkanRaces, Inc. is committed to educating residents of the Central New York region about the health and recreational benefits of exercise, fitness, and an active lifestyle, promoting activities that provide opportunities for engaging in exercise and helping such people achieve fitness and lead active lifestyles, and to fostering wellness.

Impact Statement: In the past seven years the money raised by SkanRaces.com has allowed us to donate more than $238,000 to our local communities:
  • $42,250 to various safety and emergency organizations including SAVES and the Skaneateles Volunteer Fire Department, $20,700 to other community improvements including, Milfoil Eradication efforts, renovation of the Gazebo, and a digital speed monitoring device to the Village Police Dept.
  • $25,250 to the various sports teams and community organizations that provide us with the majority of our volunteers.
  • $64,100 in revenue, equipment and program support to the Skaneateles Community Center in addition to $38,400 for a state of the art Timing System.
  • $13,500 to Auburn YMCA and The Skaneateles YMCA and Community Center to fund a Free 2011 Learn To Swim Program for 7 year olds.
  • $12,000 to Skaneateles Central Schools for new equipment for the Wellness Center located in the High School.
  • $1,000 to The City of Syracuse to purchase bathing suits for girls who use the summer programs offered by the city.
  • $6,000 to Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital (Proceeds from Race4Hope), $5,000 to Auburn Memorial Hospital (In Honor of our first Owascoman Triathlon).
  • $10,000 to the Austin Park Playground.

In addition, approximately 5%-10% of the net proceeds since year two have been used to purchase equipment for the organization, which has allowed us to be more efficient and ensure future growth. SkanRaces.com’s equipment has also been loaned to other community organizations in support of their efforts.

Background Statement: The Skaneateles SPLASH! Organization was formed in 1999 to support the efforts and to identify uses of a potential aquatics facility, assist in the design of the aquatics portion of the complex and build awareness of aquatics in the community. Skaneateles Splash!, through its programs, generated revenue for the center in rental fees and purchased much needed equipment. Skaneateles Splash! provided financial and advisory support to the Skaneateles Girls’ Varsity Swim Team, the Lightning USS club team, the Skaneateles SPLASH! Masters Program, and the Scuba Program (Finger Lakes Scuba).

In 2005 a new tradition began: The Skaneateles Labor Day Race Weekend (now SkanRaces.com). Before the picnics, the parade and the fireworks, our community got a chance to exercise, compete and have fun in a remarkable series of events. The first four-event weekend included something for all ages of sports enthusiasts and spectators alike. Through the coordinated efforts of Town and Village Officials, Emergency Service Organizations, and countless number of Volunteers, the community has become the beneficiary of these truly unique events. As the events have grown the net proceeds have gone directly back into our community.

2011, “Our 7th Year of Exceptional Racing,” was another exciting year for SkanRaces.com: Youth events were either expanded or added to each of our events, a new swim course, designed for all levels of triathletes, for the Owascoman and a new Governance structure and Allocations process was put in place. 2012 finds us eagerly working to provide our participants with a safe and rewarding race experience while at the same time allowing us to positively impact the CNY Community. Skanraces.com is the operating name used for the race and charitable activities of SkanRaces.com. Inc.

Governance Board of Directors: Jim Bright- Chairman of the Board, Joe Henigan- Vice Chair, Brian Callahan- Secretary, Charlie Wallace- Treasurer, Mike Parker- Race Committee Chair, Carolyn Tierney- Allocations Committee Chair, Jeff Davis-Compliance Committee Chair, Julia Wamp and Jean Shook-board members at large.